Chair’s report to AGM 19 October 2019

Chair’s report to AGM 19 October 2019

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The FSCANZ has been involved in a number of activities, some of which have made a significant contribution to firearms safety in Aotearoa New Zealand.

FSCANZ executive having been fully engaged in the FCAF. We gave advice to Police about the efficacy, or otherwise of the on line training and testing. Unfortunately we were correct and the ‘experiment’ has been halted. Police will not disclose the costs of this experiment. 

As an executive our approach has been intentionally low key. This strategy has enabled us to meet with Police at all levels, including the Minister of Police, and to participate in a range of activities in an advisory capacity. It is notable that more recently the Minister of Police has not engaged with us. In part this might be due to my being vocal about the issuing of a Firearms Licence to the killer in Christchurch.

I have been interviewed by the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Christchurch attacks. Particularly around the vetting of the killer as a Firearms Licence applicant.

Activities have included:

  • Participating in the Firearms Community Advisory Forum established by Police,
  • Media releases prior to the roar and opening of duck shooting. Our releases resulted in radio interviews and excellent coverage, especially in the provinces, Member organisations also used these for their own releases.
  • We approached Police as to what safety advertising they were doing to meet their statutory obligation to promote the safe use and control of firearms. As a direct result of this approach Police moved beyond the previous years ‘electronic and partnership approach’ and produced or sponsored safety advertising. I have thanked Police for this.
  • Met with Police at various levels, both formal and informal,
  • Considerable time and energy went into the submission on the first tranche of firearms legislation following 15 March 2019.
  • A submission on the second tranche has been drafted and will be submitted on Monday 21 October 2019.
  • The FSCANZ website is up and running.

It is noteworthy that FSCANZ executive members tend to be the sole knowledgeable voices at many forums.

Looking ahead:

  • With the proposed changes in legislation FSCANZ will have a pivotal role ensuring the voice of FIREARMS SAFETY is heard at various fora.
  • FSCANZ will continue to formulate its own safety messaging, and,
  • Continue to influence police to meet its statutory responsibility to promote firearms safety, especially to run full safety campaign for deer and duck and security.

Joe Green


Firearms Safety Council of Aotearoa New Zealand